Deep Sea Ditties #3: Drinking and Sailing


Being a marine biologist is a tough occupation. Long stretches out at sea, weeks at end, with nothing but memories to accompany you.

This song is about trying to forget what you left behind at the docks. Being hundreds of miles from land. Its a hard feeling to describe.

There are times when you snuggle up to the swells holding her tight. Hours looking at the horizon for something, whatever that is. Perhaps watching the coconuts and palm leaves drift by the ship. Other times are spent alone at the bow watching the midnight bioluminescence sparkle the crest of the waves.

During these times thinking of my wife and kids with a glass in hand, metaphorically or literally. Drinking to remember, drinking to forget. Take heed of a sailor’s worries for they lie heavy on their hearts.


Drinking and Sailing

by Kevin Zelnio

Drinking and sailing my life away
I’m just a sad excuse of a man today
Getting in trouble is just my way
I’m drinking and sailing these days

No water in my cup
Just wine is enough
For me to stay afloat
And not fall off this boat

Drinking and sailing my ships about to sink
Pour me a life vest, pour me a drink
Thinking about you brings me to the brink
Drinking and sailing till i can’t think

The whiskey is dry
I can’t sleep another night
I’m sinking to my feet
To the bottom deep

Drinking and sailing my life away
I’m just a sad excuse of a man today
I only want you as a memory
Drinking and sailing so i can float away
I’m just drinking and sailing today

5 Replies to “Deep Sea Ditties #3: Drinking and Sailing”

  1. I really enjoy this site BUT
    I think you need help. Remedial verbiage help. This friendly poet,
    armed with a plentitude of dictionaries is ready to-
    (well, hey, I cant access your music, I too am there for cephalopods (I dont only eat em!-
    actually I never eat octop—))offer to you
    from every tentacle, bookloads of
    fresh savoury enhancing delectable appropriately vigorous embracing & delicately wonderful
    – o good rhymes for fukssake!

  2. Keri, you probably shouldn’t blatantly tell people they need help. It makes me think “Who the hell is this person to think I need help?” Especially with nothing to back your own credentials.

    I always have an open door policy though regarding lyrics. Several people have made lyrics and sent them to me to sing and put a song to. I encourage you (and anyone else) to write a set of lyrics and I’ll put some music behind it. You can view my list songs, with cowriters here. Anyone can also listen to and subscribe to an RSS feed for my music (including covers and non ocean or invertebrate stuff) at my personal website. I do this for fun and no other reason, songs are written, composed recorded in 10-60 minutes and copious amounts of alcohol are typically involved in the creative process.

  3. Keri Hulme…as in the author of ‘The Bone People’? If so, Kevin, dude, she won the Booker Prize for Fiction back in 1985 or so….

    As for the song – a bit maudlin. Just how much had you had to drink before slurring pen to paper…? Half the fun of going away is coming back! I had 7 weeks in the Southern Ocean and it felt like 7 days!

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