Divers rescued from Komodo dragons

A group of five European recreational divers separated from their dive boat in Komodo National Park, Indonesia later came ashore on a nearby island only to find themselves fending off a Komodo dragon and scraping mussels from the rocks for food. The group was rescued two days later. Read more here at CNN Asia.

The currents can rip in the Flores Sea, so when diving Indonesia, stay close to your dive buddy, and stay close to the boat. Oh, and pack a lunch. Failing that, prepare to do battle with dragons and pirates.


2 Replies to “Divers rescued from Komodo dragons”

  1. That lol-lizard is giving me the giggles. Excellent.

    Aside from the being left behind, getting lost, swept down the currents, and the evil dragons, they’ll have one heck of a tale to tell for a very long time.

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