Friday Deep Sea Picture: Ghost in Anemone


The July edition of free wallpapers from National Geographic offer yet another stunning visible display that overwhelms the senses and renders me in awe of our natural wonder. About the picture:

“A thicket of tentacles belonging to Heteractis magnifica, the magnificent sea anemone, provides cover for a transparent shrimp the size of a rice grain. The sea anemone, anchored to the reef, ignores shrimp but nabs small fish and other passersby.”

Hat tip to Michael Barton, FCD.

Bonus pics under the fold!


Part of a collection of amazing photoshop’ed hybrids from this unnamed site here. Below are couple of my favorites.



2 Replies to “Friday Deep Sea Picture: Ghost in Anemone”

  1. Cool! That anemone pic was taken by Brian Skerry. He’s an overseer at the Aquarium and we get to see a ton of his stuff. I put a couple of his pics up on the site here to promote his latest photo exhibition.

    He’s seen some amazing underwater behavior. He’s been charged by a whale!

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