Friday Deep-Sea Picture: Sting Ray Migration

A Sting Ray migration off Key West.

9 Replies to “Friday Deep-Sea Picture: Sting Ray Migration”

  1. LOL. You could probably walk on that.
    See what happens when sharks are depleted? Rays abound!

  2. I’m probably being a little too nit-picky, but those look like cownose rays to me. No matter…this is an absolutely amazing picture!

  3. Aah, we saw this a couple of times when I was younger, though we were on shore and what we could see wasn’t quite as impressive as that (they tended to come past in smallish bunches) – once in Tampa, when the friends we’d gone down with freaked and high-tailed it for the sand when something ‘big’ brushed up against a leg, and once in Sanibel/Captiva. The latter time, a family a bit down the beach had caught a small one for the children to have a look at (I believe they let it go afterwards), and on the way over, I caught sight of two dolphins porposing not far away. Missed getting a close-up look at the ray for watching those until they left, but it was worth it.

    That was a good vacation.

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