Kani and Calamari: Why I Love Japan

No, I’m not talking sushi. I’m talking about Japan’s blockbuster sports marine invertebrate films!

Check out Kani the Goalkeeper and Calamari Wrestler below and I dare you to tell me they don’t have Oscar written all over them!

4 Replies to “Kani and Calamari: Why I Love Japan”

  1. I love “The Calamari Wrestler”! Actually, I own the action figure (he’s on a shelf above my computer and gazing, in true ceph fashion, stoically into the distance pondering life’s intricacies).

  2. Is the bad guy they show at the end of the Calamari Wrestler a mantis shrimp? I cant get a good look at it.

    Truly an epic climactic battle if it is.

  3. Yes, The Calamari Wrestler fights an octopus, and then when you think the movie is over, suddenly a mantis shrimp man appears and it all starts over again! My girlfriend and I watched this on one of our first dates and it set the tone for a wonderful relationship. I recommend.

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