Teach the Controversy About Atlantis


Since PZ Myers and Bug Girl are brought up this important issue, we at Deep Sea News would like our K-12 educational systems to teach what REALLY happened to the ancient lost city of Atlantis. Faithful Deep Sea News readers are advised to wear this T-shirt in support of teaching the controversy about the variety of “theories” behind the once great Utopian city of Atlantis.

Atlantis has sunk to bottom of the Mediterranean Ocean. There is evidence!!

The inhabitants turned into mer-people (mer means ocean). There is evidence!! (also here and here) New Zealanders even sing of them!!

So while some teachers want to fill your head with lies about what REALLY happened to Atlantis, there is proof of its existence. The elitist academics are supressing the evidence. TEACH THE CONTROVERSY!!11!!!1!1!!!

6 Replies to “Teach the Controversy About Atlantis”

  1. You got it all wrong, Bro! Atlantis is in the Bahamas, and the Bimini Road is proof! Edgar Cayce predicted it! The U.S. Geological Survey are involved in a hoax to cover it up! People are such sheep they believe anything a “scientist” tells them! We need to get the truth out to the masses! Teach the controversy, only teach the right one, Dude!


  2. No sir, YOU are the one that is WRONGZ!! You are just part of the Caribbean conspiracy. Why would Atlantis, a city described in european texts B4 Columbus sailed to the West Indies, be in the Bahamas. DO NOT listen to this naysayer, he is part of the conspiracy. TEACH THE RIGHT CONTROVERSY!!1!1!

  3. Sanil an Abaaa bug are both SATAN!

    Since the universe is turtles they would have you ignore the sixth turtle from the bottom home to UFOs and Atlantis.

    The Atlanic explan is a plot of conneos!

  4. UR ALL WRONGZ!!!!!
    All scientists of true know Atlantis is under South China Sea! Mount Atlas volcano exploded and destroyed Atlantis, caused the Flood and the end of the Pleistocene. The pyramids around the world are all homage to Mount Atlas and Atlantis which is now rising again from the depths to start the new age of Atlantis!

  5. Listen,

    Atlantis is the only name we have for the antedilluvian era of history. There were many such utopian cities of that time period, most of which perished because of hubris. One was in the atlantic, near europe, another was in the sahara, ( read into the story of Phathon), there was even one in the indian sub continent.

    Teach the controversy- but look into it first.

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