Wear Your Science!

From WearScience.com. Hat tip to Ed “rocket boy” Yong.

I am partial to the cowboy scientist riding the wild microbe, but I’ll probably get the guitar playing robot.

9 Replies to “Wear Your Science!”

  1. These are cool but where are the science t-shirts for us grrls? And what’s with the multiplying women one in the upper RH corner?

  2. You know, if we could just agree on one symbol we could really get this new religion cooking!

  3. All great shirts, but other then the giant isopod, we have nothing in an oceanographic vein here at Deep Sea News . . . .

  4. Kevin, that brings up an interesting point (perhaps one for su to blog on) – why separate the speciality from the discipline? Aren’t all deep sea biologists (by their nature) scientists?

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