Boy Band Meets Automated Pippetting

Being a deep-sea biologist is not all riding around in a wetsuit in a zodiac chasing down giant squid at 30 knots. Sometimes I have to pipette giant squid samples for DNA analysis. All that pipetting can give me a vicious thumb cramp. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could do it for me! Better yet a robot with lasers! Even better a robot with lasers that sings and is from the future!

Who am I kidding? I will settle for a desktop automated machine with maybe a 90’s boy band soundtrack. Luckily Eppendorf provides such a service (hat tip to CK)


Pipetting all those well-plates, baby, sends your thumbs into overdrive
And spending long nights in the lab makes it hard for your love to thrive
What you need is automation, girl, something easy as 1 2 3
So put down that pipette, honey, I got something that will set you free

4 Replies to “Boy Band Meets Automated Pippetting”

  1. Where the heck did you find that? It has to be the sexiest science video … ever. Ig Nobel-worthy. Thanks for the laff!

  2. That one is a hot one for those into the boy bands…
    and it does one up the sexy factor over Bio-Rad’s PCR-Song, but in the spirit of open access, did they release the lyrics and music as with Bio-Rad bulletin# 5721 – The PCR Song Book, Rev. A?

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