Deep Sea Ditties #5: Drowning


I wrote this Sunday evening playing my baritone ukelele. I overlayed the guitar and a small banjo solo (with effects). Its fun to overlay instruments in separate tracks and play around with them. I don’t very often because it is time-consuming.

I am happy to take requests, suggestions for parodies (I’m working on Every Whale Has A Bone set to Every Rose Has A Thorn…), or put life into your own lyrics. Just send me an email!


(I Sing tonight and I’ll sing it out loud
For those depths will not let me go
A song for the dark, no echo and how
Do I stop from sinking below)

Kissed my daughter, I kissed my son
Kissed my wife, and I held everyone
Stepped on the plank, stepped down the stairs
Dropped off my bag, for my shift I prepared
The sun on my back, started rigging the mast
raising the main, we caught a light draft
off the shelf in 2 hours flat
we were making good time, we were all laid back


Out of the blue, a storm it appeared
Grey went the sky, the sea she reared
Like a bucking horse with a burr in its saddle
She tossed us around and we put up a battle
Wild mare of the sea, a swell so big and mean
Knocked the oiler back into the beam
I tried to reach out as he melted away
And he slipped under I was already too late


As I held tight with my foot in the rigging
I caught a glimpse of this mustang a-swimming
It stared me wild-eyed, crazed and unforgiving
I dropped my jaw in fear as it hit me
Nothing did i hear, nor see or feel
When that wave crashed over and knocked me to the keel
I lay white-faced, unable to speak
The seas she dragged me down by my feet


Kissed my daughter, I kissed my son
Kissed my wife, and I held everyone
I held their memory close to my heart
And I silently sank, my death it did start
I tried to break free, I committed no crime
Was only a minute, a flash in time
My lungs they heaved, my sight it dimmed
Flashing lights danced around me, I sang this hymn


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