Find your Inner Fish

World Wildlife Fund has an entertaining new website called WaveForward where you can “discover your inner fish” by answering a few questions about where you vacation, what movies you watch, and what you like to do at parties. You can also learn more about Sustainable Seafood and Healthy Ecosystems. Check out the feature story “Buyer Beware” in the Coastal development section.

I was totally psyched to learn that my inner fish is a Hammerhead Shark, and that I am…

… an extremely adapted predator that uses my oddly shaped head to increase my ability to find prey…. my vertebrae are especially designed for quick turns and maneuvering. I feed on fish, crustaceans and especially enjoy eating rays. …During the day I often swim in large schools, sometimes containing more than 100 fellow hammerheads, but I prefer to hunt alone at night.

Now I feel like I’m so much more in touch with myself. This helps to explain my magnetic attraction to the seafloor and my tendency to school in winter months.

So, what’s your inner fish? You can tell us all about it in the comments section. We’d love to know who is sharing our ocean out there. : )

21 Replies to “Find your Inner Fish”

  1. I’m a swordfish too. I was fine with it until i found out i weigh up to 1400 pounds.


  2. Thanks Jenelle. Swordfish are popular with this group. I wonder what makes CK a sailfish, exactly?

  3. I’m a swordfish too. I think there’s a trend here. Are the rest of you swordies casually dressed, hanging near the calamari, listening to rock music while at a B&B on Cape Cod?

  4. There you may have it, if Elf and I like to play games at parties. Do we need to increase species richness? Maybe I’ll have my wife give it a try.

  5. I am Maria, Peter’s wife and I am a Swordfish. Or am I a Hammerhead? Peter was surprised about me being a Swordfish.
    I played a second time for extra fun. I changed one answer(i went from being a dj to people watching, I couldn’t make up my mind about this one). And then….I was asked a new question that wasn’t there before!!!! Weird I thought-(the one about the books: I said top 10 NY Times) Then I became a Hammerhead. So I must be a Swordhead.

  6. My name’s tom, I’ve been sober for…oops, I mean, I’m a hammertail.

  7. swordfish, hammerhead, hammerhead, swordfish….there are over 30,000 species of fishes in the world and only these two types are doing the quiz…!!?? Who’s the guppy, the yellowbelly flounder? Me – I wanted to be the fangtooth or one of the dragonfishes, but noooooo, I gotta be the same-ol same-ol hammerhead.

    Ah well, fun for the whole family :-)

  8. I did some haphazard clicking and discovered a few more species, but swordfish and hammerhead seem to be the most common

  9. “Ctenotrish, based on the results of the quiz, the fish you’re closest to is a Hammerhead Shark!”

    When I am not channeling my inner ctenophore, I am a hammerhead! Cool . . . .

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