Fisherman Gives Up Tasty Old Lobster to Aquarium

From BBC News:

“A lobster that could be up to 100-years-old has been handed to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth by a local fisherman.

The crew of the fishing boat named the lobster Mad Jack and discovered it weighed in at 12lb 9oz (5.7kg).”

His claw is as big as my freaking head! Read more at the link above, also contains a video story (still below).


5 Replies to “Fisherman Gives Up Tasty Old Lobster to Aquarium”

  1. If that lobster had been caught in Maine waters it would be where it belongs, back in the ocean, instead of an aquarium since Maine has a maximum size limit as well as a minimum. Imagine the breeding potential of a lobster that size and age? I love lobster, it’s very tasty and living in Maine I think it’s required, and making sure the big successful lobsters are out there multiplying is very important for the health of the fishery and guaranteeing I have lobster dinners in the future.

  2. Maine does, Massachusetts and other states only have a minimum. It’s very good planning, lobster are doing well while other fisheries in the Gulf of Maine are really hurting due to overfishing.

  3. That’s lotsa lotsa libby lobby! If he had been put back, how can anybody be sure that the next person to catch him wouldn’t have heaved him into the nearest vat of boiling water? In the aquarium he will be safe and could also be used in breeding programs. Three cheers for the fisherman who realised that he had found an animal of rare character and wanted to preserve it. I’d have called him Methuselah, not Mad Jack!

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