Global Bathymetry Map

BrianR at Clastic Detritus brought my attention to a new wonderful bathymetric map of the globe. Despite his questionable loyalty to volcanoes, Brian knows a good map when he sees one and I agree that this one is indeed beautiful. GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) is an initiative joining the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and International Hydrographic Organization. You can get the high res version of the above here.

5 Replies to “Global Bathymetry Map”

  1. This is a great looking map, even at this resolution. Brian, did you print the map from GEBCO or procure one? I am wondering how large I could print the 32.5 mb jpeg image.

  2. My Photoshop opens the download image 50″ wide at 150 dpi. If its worth a look at that resolution, it could print on a local plotter.

  3. Peter … I plotted the 32MB version from their site on a 36″ wide paper … it looks pretty good. I should’ve put it on the best quality or futzed w/ the colors a bit … the blues didn’t come out as nice as they looked on the screen.

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