I Love the Smell of the Deep Sea in the Morning

Following in the footsteps of Craig, I have a short piece published in the July/August issue of SEED Magazine for their Why I Do Science column. “On the Allure of the Ocean’s Novelty” explores why I love doing the science I do. Just a hint, it doesn’t have to do with the pay… Now go to your book stores and buy a copy (and skip immediately to page 34)!


9 Replies to “I Love the Smell of the Deep Sea in the Morning”

  1. Read the article the other day – nicely done. Actually, my wife pointed it out to me – “Hey did you see the article in Seed by the guy from Deep Sea News?” I assumed it was from Craig I still associate him with DSN first and you with Other 95%.

    In any case – congrats! I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. craig also writes for magazine that pay my wife well too ;), the SEED piece wasn’t a bad deal though…

  3. …and I only write for journals that make you pay to publish your own work, and then subject you to grueling (and sometimes insulting) peer review. What’s going on here? I must be a masochist.

  4. Accepted with revisions… story of my life. At least it wasn’t rejected, which happened to me once. *knocks on wood* That’s the last time I send a paper to Science! ;)

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