Lego Research Vessels

images.jpgWhen I was a kid, I was infatuated with Legos. Who am I kidding? I am still infatuated with Legos! Imagine when I realized that my love of oceanography and my long ignored love of Legos could be combined. Below the fold are some wonderful examples of what $1000 worth of Legos and too much free time can yield. You can see more of these here, here, and here.

All this reminds me several years ago when I spotted a Lego Technics set that was of Alvin. As a poor graduate student I didn’t purchase it, a decision I regret weekly. Does anybody remember this or know where to get one?






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  1. AWESOME!! WANT!! Oh man, if Elliot were just a year or 2 older… Right now he thinks legos are something which should be thrown across the room or lined up end to end. He did get into stacking, but hasn’t gotten too creative. Of course, anything that he builds, like a simple tunnel to drive his cars through, his 14 mo. old sister immediately smacks it down! Which results in a temporary fit and it all escalates downhill from there…

  2. I do recall this one as well. However, it is not the one I was thinking of. As I recall the model really, really looked like Alvin.

  3. Our research operations manager has an ROV and Alvin lego model (at least it looks like the alvin) along with a tendre vehicle with a-frame etc… really pretty cool. Have to see if he’ll let me post a pic…

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