Public Dissection of Giant Squid

The Melbourne Museum is doing the unthinkable. They are unleashing a giant, rotting, stinking, mound of invertebrate flesh upon the public (July 17th at 11:30 AEST). One better they are going to hack into with all manner of surgical instruments. I just wish I could be there to view it myself! Luckily they are streaming the whole thing shebang on the internet. Unfortunately, you will not be able to savor the aroma of several hundred pounds of preserved squid over the internet

For you in the US who have no idea how to convert 11:30am AEST to your time it is 6:30 tonight in Pacific Coast time!

One Reply to “Public Dissection of Giant Squid”

  1. I had to go to a stoopid staff meeting when I could have been breathing in the heady smell of slowy decomposing cephalopod.


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