TGIF: Genius Octopus Editionus

Why are we encouraging this behavior!! Doesn’t everyone know that in the future they will rise out of the oceans to destroy us????

6 Replies to “TGIF: Genius Octopus Editionus”

  1. I suppose our first line of defense would be a giant wall of glass jars with crabs inside. That ought to hold ’em for a while!

  2. I’m keepin’ two jars to paddle like hell!

    Oh man, I got claustrophobic watching the flexibility test! Ahhh, I’m stuck!!

  3. so my big question is how long until the octopus could get back out of the flask? presumably if it ate the crabs, the bits of shell wouldn’t collapse as easily as the rest of him. no?

  4. I just assumed the beak would break it up, but yes, that would take a while.

  5. So, presumably, all we would need to foil the oncoming cephalopod invasion is:

    1. A wall of glass jars with crabs inside, the jars being small enough on top that the crab-full cephalopod would not fit back through.
    2. A bunch of people to run around sealing the cephalopods into the jars.
    3. Lots of recipes for half-intelligent octopus/squid.

    It reminds me of that Winnie-the-Pooh story. Except that he wasn’t eaten in the end. But that’s beside the point.

  6. All you would have to do to prevent a cephalopod invasion is surround their habitat with astroturf, they can’t adhere and pull themselves out.

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