Yikes. I'm in the Cone!


The supermarket in Corpus Christi is jammed and classes are cancelled the day after tomorrow at Texas A&M Universe in anticipation of Hurricane Dolly’s landfall sometime Wednesday. Thinking of making bumpers stickers. We’re about 100 miles north of the projected landfall destination in Brownsville, TX.

Stay tuned as I put away the kiddie pool and take down the wind chimes in anticipation of this projected Category 1 or 2 hurricane. What should I do? Pack up the family and retreat to Austin? Or stay put, and ready the camera? I just dunno.

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  1. Live blog it of course!! But send the rest of your family away just in case…

    We will be expecting a full blown podcast with superfluous commentary, a la Anderson Cooper, about Global Warming for this Friday’s TGIF. Assuming you make it that is…

  2. Hmm… live blog a Cat1/2 or a short week in a B&B in Fredericksburg followed by Friday night on 6th Street then home…

  3. As a Floridian who’s sat through several tropical storms and hurricanes, my suggestion for being that far north of a 1/2 landfall is simply to hunker down in your present location — unless you’re with someone with a medical condition, leave the evacuations to those who absolutely need to. Secure your boat, fill your generator, grab your favorite rum beverage, and then prepare to laugh at Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel broadcasting from next door.

    Of course, this advice changes with the projected landfall… Regardless, good luck!

  4. The Texas A&M Universe is big, ravenous, and slowly expanding. So far, it engulfed Texas A&I and College of Corpus Christi, sucked in professors from near and far, and spawned a worm hole resulting in a business school in Qatar. Beware!

    Thanks for the advice, FishGuy. The boats are in the barn. More to come.

  5. unless you are in a place likely to be flooded by tidal surge stay put, batten down and stay calm. no big deal. you need the rain. i have lived on the Gulf for 56 years and have been through about 8 hurricanes up to CAT 4.

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