Friday Deep Sea Picture: Now with 20% More Mola!

I came across these pictures from Fogonazos. Be sure to go over there for a great article about Mola Mola, the giant ocean sunfish, with about 2 dozen more pictures!



Now that’s a whole lotta Mola! Read Fogonazos to see why you might not want to eat its flesh though.

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  1. From the Fogonazos link, “Finally, the flesh of the ocean sunfish contains neurotoxins similar to those of other poisonous tetraodontiformes, but it is considered a delicacy by some people.” Have we finally discovered the reason why — as per the Fish Guys ( — that they “taste like ass”?

    Happy fish Fridays, folks.

  2. I love one of the German names for the mola: schwimmender Kopf.

    I wrote a post on my blog a couple of months ago, about a paper on the daily swimming patterns of mola; there’s also a bit about the phylogeny of Molidae.

  3. When it comes to molas, I look to Tierney Thys. She has this great site at, and has a tracking project going on. I still haven’t found any mola mola in Minnesota, but I will call her as soon as I see one.

    As far as their body style, I would say that they are the AMC Gremlin of the ocean.

  4. thats abig fish! You read about the sizes in books, but its not until you see photo with a human for scale you see HOW big

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