For those who care what blathering I have to espouse, my friend Peter Buckland of the blog Forms Most Beautiful, interviewed me regarding my work in the Deep Sea, my views on atheism and religion, evolution, science communication and tattoos. Peter is a nice guy who is doing a PhD in education at Penn State studying the Evolution/Intelligent Design-Creationism issue in schools covered the Dover Trial for the newspaper Voices in Pennsylvania. If you enjoy reading about science and evolution in politics and issues in atheism, I recommend bookmarking his blog!

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  1. He asked you about science & religion & didn’t talk about magic! The real debate is still not being discussed! Does the world actually run this way…because of WIZARDS.

  2. Elequently spoken Kevin! Communication of sciences to everybody is, however, a real skill, and some would say even a gift. Traditionally, science has tended to look down its collective nose at ‘popularists’, forgetting that unless the next generation of eager-eyed youngsters are captured by the joy/fun/magic of science, there will be fewre and fewer wanting to join, and more chasing the $$$ becoming lawyers, accountants or, (arrgghhhh!!!) managers.

    b.t.w – did you catch the latest publication in Zootaxa on the Symphurus that lives around thermal vents?

  3. mordicai, I am sorry if I offended you beliefs ;)

    Andrew, I’ll be down there this week to look at housing! Say hi if you see me around.

    Andrew (the same?), Thanks! I just found the paper you were talking about. Zootaxa REALLY needs to get RSS feeds or at least email table of contents! Really cool, expect on a post on it in the next week or so.

  4. I’ll be sure to ask my next interviewee (an anthropologist) about magic, wizardry, ensorcelment, vexation, conjuration, and curses. ;-)
    Thanks for the plug Kevin.

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