Revenge of the Jellies!

4 Replies to “Revenge of the Jellies!”

  1. Revenge? It’s just another indication that vertebrates are temporary interlopers in a cnidarian world. They let us have our fun over the last 400 million years, but now they are coming to wipe us out and take back what is theirs.

  2. Wow, I studied Jellyfish for 6 years and wasn’t aware that TUNA were predators of them. Man, I really hate it when mainstream news tries to talk about science. I seem to recall that there was a huge bloom of Pelagia noctiluca (The one shown in the Mediterranean) along causing problems in southern Europe back in the late 1980s, with several symposia dedicated to it. I wonder how this one compares to that one. I also like how they showed a harmless Moon Jelly on the beach :)

  3. As a former member member of the mainstream media, I can say you guys are totally right.

    We’re ignorant teetotlers who need a sound stinging from a Man O’War to understand the story.

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