TGIF: Deep-sea exploration's new flagship

All good things must come to and end, so they may have a new beginning.
So begins the next chapter in the history of deep ocean exploration…

The NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer was commissioned this week in Seattle, WA. The vessel will be equipped with two deep-sea ROVs capable of broadcasting high-definition video from the deep-sea in real-time using Dr. Robert Ballard’s “telepresence” technology. Word on the street is the Chief Scientist’s quarters come equipped with an inflatable hot tub, sushi bar, and wine rack Dr. Ballard keeps in a briefcase chained to his wrist at all times. ;)

NOAA’s Ocean Explorer website hosts a cool time lapse video of the conversion.
Check it out.

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  1. NOAA has ships, planes, sanctuaries, and robots. Even an elite Corps. With a leader. But they don’t exist. I guess they’re like a shadow army … for the oceans?

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