One Million Hits

By the time you read this DSN* will have reached 1,000,000 total hits.  Bwahahahahaha…1 million hits.  If every one of those hits were a foot long they would wrap around the Earth 7.6 times.  If every one weighed a pound they would be heavier than 17 RMS Titanics.  If every one was an acre of land we would could own 3 Antarcticas.  Makes one want to light something on fire and sing Kumbaya.

There is only one thing left to do now.  Peter, Kevin, and I want to thank you all for your continued interest and reading.  Don’t be a lurker and let us know who you are in the comments.

And speaking of singing Kumbaya and setting fire to something, don’t forget to join us tomorrow night at 9pm sharp at Tonic in San Fran Cheezy.  Don’t forget to bring your lighter.

*including both our current and former homes.

4 Replies to “One Million Hits”

  1. Hey guys. I’m a noob to your site. Love the content. I’m in the fourth year of my BSc in aquaculture up in Canada, eh. lol

    Nice to see what else is out there in related fields :) Thanks for the great website

  2. I only recently stumbled across this blog, myself. I’m a marine aquarium enthusiast and have been known to run the occasional subaqueous D&D game. ;)

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