Peter Went to Sea and All I Got Was Pretty Pictures

As you know, one-third of Deep Sea News is out on the great wide blue that is the Gulf of Mexico. Peter has been gracious enough to share a few updates with us during his busy time at sea exploring deep coral habitats with a top notch team of deep sea biologists. Peter might have been out to sea a little long though, he starting to go crazy for catsharks! Quick someone slap him with a went giant squid tentacle!

Actually, catsharks have a fascinating intimate relationship with deep-sea coral. Click on the link above to go to a story Peter wrote yesterday for the NOAA Ocean Explorer expedition website. Peter originally reported on the role of deep-sea coral as a nursery for catshark eggs. He provide me with a hot-off-the-camera video taken just a day ago of the catshark in its habitat with its eggs tied to a coral. Check out Peter’s article for more information and pictures!


Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)