The Hummer of the Sea

Does my ego look big in this? Picture from Luxury Property Blog

Obnoxious has a new name, GigaYacht “A”.  This massive behemoth of yacht sucks down gas faster than the entire state of Texas.

Introducing “A” – the most recent member of the giga-yacht club, and to
put things in perspective, the fuel tank is 757,000 liters. Diesel fuel
costs around €1.40 per liter currently, so it would cost just over €1
million to fill the fuel tank. $1.4 million US just to fill the tank.
That amount of fuel will last 15.5 days at cruising speed.

There is also an option where instead of a diesel engine you can choose a thousand immigrant children with oars.

I imagine the same people who want this also already own a fleet of H2’s.

8 Replies to “The Hummer of the Sea”

  1. Or you could think of how many companies with how many employes it took to make this and thus a steady paycheck. Let these people spend all the money they want, because no poor person generates jobs. BUT if he decided to speend their money green, good for them. But its his money.

  2. @Jives – Heh heh. But more to the point, does it come with its own drill?

    @Chris – yes, it’s “his” money (let’s face it – we all know it’s a man), but that shouldn’t stop us from saying, “shame on you!” and curling our noses at his environmentally destructive ego-trip

    Me, I’d prefer sails.

  3. The design reminds me of the Phoenix submarine over at

    I always thought Hummer should produce an amphibious vehicle and call it the H2O. ;)

  4. “It’s his money & he can do what he wants with it” doesn’t cut it when the person uses it in a way that negatively affects everyone. Too bad if that trods on people’s “individualism or death” view of the world. Setting aside silly little considerations like environmental impact, consider how big boats like this may very well be costing YOU money at the gas pump by driving up demand, for starters.

    There are many types of jobs to be had in the world; I don’t support jobs that cause damage to everyone else. You can say the same thing about coca, marijuana and opium growers – are you glad they have their particular jobs, too? I’m not.

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