27 Best Deep-Sea Species #15: Spookfish Rhinochimaera pacifica


Nothing says Halloween like a Spookfish. Rhinochimeara pacifica has the savage proboscis of a sawfish without the savage teeth, which makes it even stranger to behold. Spookfish range from 300-1500 m in the West Pacific. Who knows what it’s doing with that thing? I’m guessing food or sex. It’s a safe bet.

The only video I could find of The Spookfish is from a video album by maxheadcase at YouTube. One video features NASA footage of the Lunar Lander. That’s cool. The other is a poetic reflection on the sea, fish, and fisheries called My Stomach. It’s moody. I like it. But the fish remains a mystery. – PJE

Image from Deep Water Animals. Deep Blue The Movie Species. / S09C03 36577

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