Carnival of the Blue #17

CEPHALOPODS HAVE TAKEN CONTROL of this month’s Carnival of the Blue!!! There is much fine tentacled offerings over at the Cephalopodcast. Jason lays it out real nicely and offers entertaining commentary. Lots of great links so be sure to drop by for a visit and check the place out! We will be hosting the next edition of the Carnival of the Blue in November, so be sure to write some great posts on anything related to the oceans and let us know!

Also be sure to read the International Cephalopod Appreciation Day post where you can find such great fun as the "Top 10 Things You Can Do on Cephalpod Appreciation Day" which includes listening to my song Giant squid Breakdown. I also wrote another song starring a cephalopod, Big Dead Squid. -KZ

Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)