Oysters on the Half-Shell, Vote for Miriam!

Our good ocean blogging friends at The Oyster’s Garter are finalists in the  Marx Foods Oyster Contest! Deep Sea News is fully endorsing Miriam and her contest entry Miriam and the Bawdy Bivalves: A Short Radio Play. It is a superb testament to ecological role and utter tastiness of our bivalved brethren.

My short radio play Miriam and the Bawdy Bivalves is a finalist in the Marx Foods Oyster Contest! But upon closer examination of the oysters offered, I cannot endorse farming non-native oysters in Puget Sound, however delicious they might be. So here’s what I’m going to do.

If I win, I’m going to hold a massive oyster dinner for me, Eric,
and 6 lucky guests. The oysters will be supplemented with local
mussels, Eric’s homemade pasta & sauce,  the garlickiest garlic
bread ever to garlic, and my world-famous cranberry apple crisp. We’ll
ask each guest to donate $10 (and will donate $10 ourselves) and will
send the donations to the Nature Conservancy’s Olympia Oyster restoration project. (Olympia oysters are the Pacific Northwest’s only native oyster, but were nearly wiped out from overharvesting and habitat destruction.)

But who should be those lucky guests? Vote in the poll below. And if you think this is a good idea, vote for my radio play here!

Make sure you check out the other fun entries but vote for Miriam here!! Maybe she will share her 4 dozen oyster prize with you.

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