The 27 Best Deep-Sea Species: #25 Stalked Crinoids


Stalked Crinoids (Phylum Echiondermata, Class Crinoidea, Sub Class Articulata)

Sure we call them sea lilies but they’re no pansies.  While most people have nightmares about giant squid or shark, the denizens of the deep I fear are crinoids.  They may look innocent and flower-like but in them rest the beating heart of a predator.  I lie, they don’t have hearts just a water vascular system.  Crinoids are just cold-blooded killers, pun intended.  I’m exaggerating.  They are suspension feeders and can’t take out anything more than a tiny crustacean.  However, they do congregate in areas just looking for trouble.  Did I mention yet that they can crawl?  Watch the video below and see if you don’t have nightmares.  Chuck Messing, Dr. Crinoid, has a great website chock-o-block full of information (photos and video courtesy of Dr. Crinoid).

Photo from Smithsonian Photo Gallery

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  1. Yikes, that video does give me the shivers…

    ..And I’m intrigued to see what you have in store with the remaining 24!

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