20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 2.0

twenty_thousand_leagues_under_the_seaDisney not happy with the truckloads of cash they already carting away on daily basis are remaking the old classic. I am sure its going to be wonderful and I can hardly wait.  The film, called 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo, is an origin story of Nemo as he creates the Nautilus.  In addittion to the prequel being the worst thing to happen to the movie industry, this loose adaptation of Verne’s novel is likely to suffer from the lack of Kirk DouglasThankfully, Will Smith is wanted to play Captain Nemo and Paris Hilton is slotted to play a flashy but cognitively limited invertebrate.  If you can’t wait till 2010, check out this flikr pool for the 20,000 Leagues.

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Craig McClain is the Executive Director of the Lousiana University Marine Consortium. He has conducted deep-sea research for 20 years and published over 50 papers in the area. He has participated in and led dozens of oceanographic expeditions taken him to the Antarctic and the most remote regions of the Pacific and Atlantic. Craig’s research focuses on how energy drives the biology of marine invertebrates from individuals to ecosystems, specifically, seeking to uncover how organisms are adapted to different levels of carbon availability, i.e. food, and how this determines the kinds and number of species in different parts of the oceans. Additionally, Craig is obsessed with the size of things. Sometimes this translated into actually scientific research. Craig’s research has been featured on National Public Radio, Discovery Channel, Fox News, National Geographic and ABC News. In addition to his scientific research, Craig also advocates the need for scientists to connect with the public and is the founder and chief editor of the acclaimed Deep-Sea News (http://deepseanews.com/), a popular ocean-themed blog that has won numerous awards. His writing has been featured in Cosmos, Science Illustrated, American Scientist, Wired, Mental Floss, and the Open Lab: The Best Science Writing on the Web.

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  1. Didn’t the guns shoot out nets? In retrospect, 20,000 Leagues was the movie that propelled my interest in marine biology. I watched it at least once a week as a kid. My grandma even kept a copy around so I could watch it when I stayed with her.

  2. When I first heard the subtitle I was anticipating that those creative geniuses at Disney would replace captain of the Nautilus with a CGI clownfish. Hopefully they don’t mess it up – the original is one of my favorite movies. I am cautiously optimistic about this remake.

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