Bush Designates 3 New Marine Monuments!

I never thought I would say it, but this is a huge BUSH WIN!! And of course a win for the oceans, the Pew Environment Group and Angelo who have worked tirelessly on this for a long time.  Congratulations are in order all around.

The Washington Post reports:

"President Bush will create three new marine national monuments in the
Pacific Ocean Tuesday, according to White House spokeswoman Dana
Perino, designated areas that will span 195,280 square miles and
protect some of the most ecologically-rich areas of the world’s oceans.

The decision to make the designations under the Antiquities Act,
coming just two weeks before Bush leaves office, means that he will
have protected more square miles of ocean than any person in history.
In 2006 Bush created the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in
the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, an area of 138,000 square miles.

Two of the areas encompass a region known as the Line Islands, a
relatively isolated and uninhabited string of islands in the central
Pacific. The third area, in the western Pacific, includes the waters
around a few islands in the northern Marianas chain and the Mariana
Trench, the deepest ocean canyon in the world.


"The president’s actions will prevent the destruction and extraction of
natural resources from these beautiful and biologically-diverse areas
without conflicting with our military’s activities and freedom of
navigation, which are vital to our national security," Perino said.
"And the public and future generations with benefit from science and
knowledge. The President has a strong eight-year record of ocean
conservation, and these new designated protected areas will comprise
the largest area of ocean set aside as marine protected areas in the

Say what you will about G.W. Bush, no other individual has protected more ocean in history – over 333,000 square miles of Pacific ocean. The long-term economic value of Mariana Trench Marine National Monument will be invaluable to the people of the Mariana Islands.- KAZ

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  1. Everyone should go leave some big thanks to Angelo over at the Saipan Blog. This probably wouldn’t have happened if advocates like him weren’t so dedicated and hard-working.

  2. In an oped published in today’s Washington Post, Vikki Spruill put forward the key steps President-elect Barack Obama can make to begin building his blue legacy. Spruill, president and CEO of Ocean Conservancy, makes the case that at 71% of the earth’s surface and creating much of the air we breathe and food we eat, the oceans need and deserve strong protection. The proposed steps include:

    Make oceans a priority when discussing climate change. The real impacts of climate change can be seen today in the world’s oceans from bleaching coral to rising seas. When decisions are to be made on fighting climate change, the oceans must be taken into consideration.

    Focus on the Arctic. The most severe impacts of climate change can be seen in the Arctic. Melting sea ice and costal communities and villages falling into the sea are just a few examples. Oil and gas leases that have been marked for sale should be put on hold until a thorough scientific assessment of their impacts can be completed.
    Bring Order to the Ocean. From major shipping lanes to fishing waters and recreational use, the ocean has any number of uses. A comprehensive plan for sustainable ocean use will ensure that we can use the ocean while preserving it for future generations.

    Ocean Conservancy promotes healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems and opposes practices that threaten ocean and human life. Through research, education and science-based advocacy, Ocean Conservancy informs, inspires and empowers people to speak and act on behalf of the ocean. Visit us at http://www.oceanconservancy.org

    The piece appears on page A13 of today’s Washington Post and can be viewed here:


  3. You cannot give Bush so much credit here, all he did was sign his name. I’m sure he would be happy to take credit. With all of the negative ecological effects that war, and industrial preparations for war, has though, I’d say he’s not making up for a large portion of the sum of damage that he has caused, and that will continue to be caused, by his actions as president. How could he have said no to signing something like this? When it could only serve to favor his name and reputation – which is beyond tarnished in the eyes of many.

  4. Makes me wish presidents left office more often. Seems to be the only time they do things for the right reasons.

  5. Cynic, I doubt anyone will remember him as champion of the environment. But his signature means everything to the conservation of over 330,000 square miles of ocean in some of the most biodiverse sites in US territories. Bush is douche, but his signature gives him the credit. Its his, regardless of how much we dislike him.

    Larry, sad but true…

  6. though he may “protect the oceans” he has done a lot more bad than good for them. remember how he made his money?? if you dont, ill refresh your memories, OIL!!! He’s merely politicking, y’know, like how Philip Morris (the cigarette company) funds the TRUTH campaign(the anti-cigarette movement). Its all politics, baby.

  7. I agree with you 100% Jessica but the fact of the matter stands he protected some very important habitat. The Monument is there after his presidency and hopefully for many more presidencies. Politics it may be but its a huge win for the ocean, ocean conservationists and marine biologists. I’ll take it! Now does this mean I forgive him, or forget his past aggregations? Nope. It just means I get more protected areas for my beloved sea creatures.

  8. Most of you cry-babies dislike President Bush because you can’t think for yourselves and you were told to hate him. He led a brilliant war campaign, put a complete stop to terrorism against the U.S., and has compiled a solid ecological record. Grow up, quit copying those who can’t do anything but complain, and get a dose of reality. He isn’t the greatest president in history, but he’s done much better than our young and inexperienced populace even knows how to research or read about.

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