Heating Up

The rise in temperature around you is not just melting the Polar Cap (Let’s here for the birth of the Northwest Passage!) but heating up political tension among the U.S., Iceland, Norway, Russia, Canada, and Denmark. Discover ranked the story of these nation carving up the Arctic like lonely frat boys on Saturday night tackling a case of beer and large pizza number 5 out of 100 for 2008.

maritimeboundariesOver the last two years Russia and Norway have filed for territorial expansions to the U.N. and its likely the other country will follow.  Russia planted a flag on the Artic floor less for scienetific exploration and more for a public proclmation of ownership.  Then Canada is boosting thier Arctic naval divisions possible including the construction of new base and production of new vessels.  Key members in the current administration have spouted off at the mouth about claims.  But its not just a shipping lane these countries are positioning for.  The loss of ice means easier access to fisheries and oil.  Thank god I can eat crappy fish sticks and drive my big SUV for another 5 years.  Global warming is not all bad!

The International Boundries Research Unit at Durham University has all the details including the fancy map above.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about Canada. We’re a pretty peaceable nation and despite the current prime minister’s noises, he is running a minority government. That means he has to get along with everyone else, including the Bloc Quebecois, which represents the interests of Quebec (and separatism theoretically but it’s mostly dead in the water). Like I said, we mainly get along. The only hijacker Canada every had hijacked a bus, which got stuck in the mud in our national capital. He got quietly led away and nobody was hurt.

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