Ocean Tattoos

You are all probably familiar with my and KZ’s fascination with tattooing arts.  By now most of you should be aware of Carl Zimmer’s science based tattoo gallery that features us both.  But did you know that there is gallery of sea life tattoos?  The Love lab at UCSC host the ever growing gallery of human debauchery and tattoos all centering on the oceans!  Which once again proves marine biologists are bad ass. Below are few of the choicest but head over for the full 15 pages of splendor.

15 Replies to “Ocean Tattoos”

  1. I have 3 squid tattoo ideas, two of them I hopefully one day will get, the other I will give to you guys since I probably won’t do it but its a tattoo of tentacles around your ankles or so, so it looks like you are being dragged into the sea.

  2. Hi,
    That’s a nice design of tattoo. Never thought about oceanic theme design tattoo before since most customer always ask something scary or cute…maybe I’ll display this new oceanic design on my wall.
    temporary tattoos

  3. It took awhile, but I finally got my weedy seadragon tattoo! After it heals, I’ll think about adding a brood of young ones.

  4. That’s bad ass!! I love the colors! Do you have / will you get something to balance the other side of the body?

  5. I survived the first tattoo… once that heals, I’ll give some thought to another… perhaps a dragon moray wrapped around my left arm.

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