The Cult of Dolphin Worship

Southern Fried Scientist tells it like it is. He just posted a very well-written article on “the cult of dolphin worship“.

“… the cult of the dolphin is so strong that people refuse to accept that sometimes nature isn’t really that pleasant. That it isn’t all like a Disney Movie. That we don’t always know what’s best and we can’t always intervene. Yes, some dolphins might die in a New Jersey river, but they aren’t dying from boat strikes or gillnets or pollution. […]”

6 Replies to “The Cult of Dolphin Worship”

  1. Yes–I’ve heard about people with many disabilities being helped by swimming with dolphins. Then I read some far less pleasant facts about dolphins. They are pretty–but also we tend to want to anthropomorphise animals in a way that reflects our human ideals or justifies our human baseness.

  2. Yes, but have you heard about the guy who got his ribs broken by a dolphin in Panama? Be careful, or be… Delfinazo!

  3. My family has owned a house in the Bahamas for 45 years. I have been swiming and playing with wild, untrained dolphins my entire life. All I have ever had is a few bruses. I now let my children play with them.
    They are not dangerous if you respect there tremendous strength, and how fast they can move.
    As far as I am concerned, there is not a nicer, more gentle creature on this planet.

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