Another Atlantis discovered on YouTube

Having ignored the myriad blog postings about people using Google Earth’s new ocean layer to discover Atlantis, and tracking about 20 different ridiculous stories, I finally had to ask, “What is it with these people?” Don’t they know Atlantis is in the Bahamas? Even Matt Damon knows that.

As IF there’s only one Atlantis. Is, like, every city Philadelphia? There’s totally more than one! There’s a New Atlantis off the coast of Japan, and a Little Atlantis here in the Gulf of Mexico. The one here in the Gulf is a buried pyramid on the West Florida shelf, really hard to get to because the weather kicks up whenever you get within its temporal vortex.

So, a story surfaced today that’s actually worth reading, because it uses new data (shiptracks) provided by the bathymasters themselves- Walter Smith and David Sandwell. These are two of the guys partially responsible for carving their initials in compiling Google Ocean’s new blended product of satellite altimetry and multibeam echosounder data.

Ian Paul reveals their secret of Atlantis in a PCWorld story called “Google’s Atlantis Discovery Explained.” Finally, someone’s making sense!

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  1. I find the reactions to findings like this fascinating: just because it is mysterious it therefore must be the lost city of Atlantis or Mu or Lemuria etc. However is it sad or kinda cool to hope that such things may have existed?

    I dunno. While it could have existed it probably never did. And even if it did we may never find the evidence other than the translated and passed down stories from thousands of years ago. And who knows if we got those right or were anything more than stories.

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