Marine Biology Videos at Wired Science

Mo, the Neurophilosopher, brought to my attention via Twitter Wired Science’s “10 Fantastic Marine Biology Videos“. They are all great bits from the marine youtube-o-sphere. Most of them we have played here one time or another, but one was actually new to me. A TED talk by David Gallo. He’s an oceanographer at Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institution. Not only is his presentation exciting and well-done, he discusses the many wonders he has witnessed in deep sea research and awesome research on cephalopod behavior that has excited him. He does not study cephalopods per se but is enthusiastic for their natural history and adaptations!

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  1. Thats hilarious. I was grant writing last couple weeks, so wasn’t paying attention to much. I actually totally missed this post somehow. I’m not ashamed of it. ;p

  2. I have a question about something I’ve heard a few times now, including in this video; Gallo mentions that the deep sea has more biodiversity and biodensity than the tropical rain forest, and I can believe diversity, but density? To get a density you would need to divide a mass by a volume, which for a rain forest I would assume for volume would mean the bottom of the roots to the tops of the canopies, and this volume is pretty full of stuff. For the ocean though you would be taking the volume of water plus a relatively negligible volume of from a small depth into the sea floor. Is it really more dense in the sea that in the forest? The only way I can think that this statement would make sense is if they’re using mass per area, but that would seem to be cheating considering how much height (depth) the ocean has…

  3. i have a question i want to become a marine biologyist when i graduate and i was wondering how long do you have to go to college for i loved
    th video thanksa again

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