New Paper Teaser

I just sent in the proofs to a paper that will come out in the next issue of the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. I won’t go into much detail till it becomes available in April, but here is a wordle to give you a clue. The species name is blacked out until publication.


4 Replies to “New Paper Teaser”

  1. Kevinia zelniae? :)

    I was wondering weather you have any reading on the origins of thermal vent fauna? I’ve been reading about some proposed model by active colonisation by Danielopol, Rouch and others, while they mention some possible hypotheses for the origin, there’s nothing comprehensive in the works I managed to read.

  2. Cool! Looks like you are farther along on your paper than I am on mine… this is good motivation. I need to get to the stage where I can make a good Wordle.

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