Basically How I Feel About a Squidless Watchmen Movie

Like Hitler says, “Its like giving money to a hooker for housecleaning…”

4 Replies to “Basically How I Feel About a Squidless Watchmen Movie”

  1. Man I feel your pain. I hope they at least do what they did with I am Legend and put the better ending on the dvd.

  2. I’m with you, but at the same time, I’m not. Hell, it was a movie. For the non-Watchman-reading public, there would have had to have been a whole hell of a lot of extra back story for the ‘squid’ to appear. The rest of it was absolutely faithfully done, and some of that would have been lost for squid backstory…and the movie still would have been an extra 40 minutes longer!

    Enjoy the movie for what it was, and love the original. It’s no different than any beloved book being made into a movie…

  3. I hope they make a spongebob squarepants where a Rorschach bodied cuttlefish comes to bikini bottom and tries to solve a mystery.

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