Carnival of the Blue 23

cotbSpring is in the air.

OK, for most of us it is.

Sorry northerners! (suckers)

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Thanks to all the submitters and for everyone keeping this carnival going strong! Keep an eye out for a second Podcast of the Blue (see below).

The algae are in bloom
zooplankton are too
frogfish on LSD
and a miniature zoo!

A Beagle cast in pod
A whale’s shadow at dawn
Afternoon swim with pteropods flapping
Silence from fish that could not spawn

Revise oxygen origin in education
A sad fail for globalization
At last a win for the sea
But did whaling contributed to hybridization?

Training fish to “jump” through a hoop
A shark and global warming loop?
Mossy animals on seaweed
Lets harvest energy from debris and poop

The secret life of a seahorse
A deep sea coral stays the course
Large protected fish hunting controversy
From air a right whale report

Worms that grow to more than 4 feet!
A call for better conservation in shark diving industry
A podcast of the blue starring yours truly
The most beautiful photos of a submerged Fiji

A well-earned award receiving
A cone snail that is fish-eating
Policy training for lab-locked scientists
ALL of these, my good friends, are worth reading!

Next edition of the Carnival of the Blue to be held at Sea Notes! Until then, let us count the ways that sea stars eat

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  1. Thanks for the plug Mr. Z. I hope you’ve got got your finest kind speaking voice on, the editor (me) tell me (me) that the microphone might be coming your way soon. With DSN permish, of course.

  2. Peter Mc, We (I) would be delighted! It shouldn’t be too difficult to wrangle the 3 of us if need be for a skype call.

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