Interactive mosaic of the Gulf of Mexico

Interactive mosaic image by Dixie Smith, Harte Research Institute.

Have you ever seen an interactive mosaic? Its a very modern art form.

Harte Research Institute’s (HRI) Dixie Smith made this very image of South Texas and the Gulf of Mexico using 10,0000 images as pixels on an electronic canvas. The mosaic was produced using freeware from AndreaMosiac.

If you click on the artwork, it will take you to a website that shows you each pixel as you “roll-over” the image. Read Dixie’s thoughtful reflections at the HRI website. She says this about her inspiration:

“…It is my hope that the mosaic might awaken the kindred spirit in others that leads us to love the splendor of our universe, to be drawn to learn all we can about it, and to do our best to be good stewards as we pass through it.

Besides being such a talented electronic artist, Dixie also helps keep our research scientists and graduate students “on the move” through the often complicated Texas A&M University system.