Jacques Cousteau YouTube Video Roundup

Jacques and team in the Arctic

John Denver talks about how he composed Calypso, and released this 1994 video inspired by his friend Jacques Cousteau

Jacques and team in the Amazon

A grouper dances the waltz with a Cousteau Society diver.

The Calypso through many expeditions

Manta rays, planes, helicopters, and dive team during the Cousteau expedition to the Yucatan

Jacques testing new diving equipment in June 1942, on a small beach on the French Riviera.

Cousteau and team exploring the Danube

Captain Cousteau and his team filming with the the underwater equipment they developed.

An advert for Zodiac inflatables with Jacques

Jacques on What’s My Line

Jacque on the Potomac

2 Replies to “Jacques Cousteau YouTube Video Roundup”

  1. I love that John Denver bit. You can’t get much farther from the ocean than Aspen Colorado, and yet Jacques Cousteau moved him to care about the ocean that deeply..

  2. I agree about the John Denver bit. I get all choked up every time I hear that song. It is even better with the video. Susan Boyle would never elicit that kind of response from me. I love all the stuff you could get away with pre-MMPA.

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