TGIF: Carl Safina on the Great Turtle Race

Carl Safina giving directions to the Caribbean

Dr. Carl Safina is one of the great ocean communicators. But can he speak turtle? Here Carl is photographed coaching one the the Leatherback turtles in the Great Turtle Race, presumably giving directions to Caribbean nesting grounds.

You can read daily updates on the race from Carl Safina, Olympic swim coach Rowdy Gaines, Sylvia Earle and others at the Conservation International blog. Rowdy’s latest report has (some) turtles leaving the Gulf, while others lag behind.

“Cali” is in the front of the pack! Double down, Lou. The map is here.

3 Replies to “TGIF: Carl Safina on the Great Turtle Race”

  1. I don’t know if you will ever recieve this message Mr Safina. But after reading your book “Song For The Blue Ocean” my outlook on the marine, and timber industry for that matter have been drastically altered. Frankly I’m completly disgusted with our greed and indulgence for destroying helpless habitat. Being raised in Whistler, B.C. my visits to the coast were frequent and I have seen the old forests. Even though I’ve always been aware of heavy logging, even around the whistler area, however, being younger at the time I’ll admit I didn’t see this dark future looming. Or more honestly I probably just didn’t care at the time. That’s changed forever for me. I”ll be heading to school for commercial diving in a year or so. Probably something to do with ocean habitat recovery, because the angle were headed now there’re won’t be a commercial diving industry for anything except off shore oil rigging which is not very appealing to me. So if you ever read this Mr Safina, thank you for igniting my awareness, and I will be sure to pass your meassage along……………Justin Lindsay

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