Earth Day fantasy, West Indian Ocean

Oceans: West Indian Ocean
Oceans: West Indian Ocean

The postage stamp left is a free ticket to a stunning West Indian Ocean seascape so rich with coral that it makes me want to set sail, or go scuba diving again soon, at the very least. Maybe even turn pirate. This dissertation stuff dries me out. Disney Natures’s new film “Earth” premieres today. Who’s going?

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  1. Oh man… I spent almost two months doing daily dives in southern Somalia and Kenya. Rebreathers in Somalia courtesy the Belgians. Awesome! Amazing, if dangerous time. I only wish I could have spent the entire 8 months in the water there. I could desperately use a recharge from those waters. Two more weeks and I get to lock myself in a room with HD video of deep sea corals 6 hours a day for a couple weeks!

  2. The closest anyone at NEAQ is getting is one of our educators who just scored a grant to look for seadragons off the southern coast of Australia.

    Only a continent away, right?

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