Deep-Sea News, Now More Fashionable Than Ever

Let’s face it Deep-Sea News is a triple threat of colours, couture and coiffure.  Finally, the fashion world is catching on.

Of all the planets in our solar system, ours alone is covered in a life-giving, liquid blanket of blue. It is out of these depths that Abyss, Proctor & Gamble’s biggest fashion trend predicted for 2009/10 emerges.  Abyss is an immersive experience that celebrates water as the new gold, and a sense of preciousness that is heightened by scarcity. It is mysterious, enigmatic and attractive. Abyss invites exploration and rewards it with rare treasures from the deep. You’ll recognise it in wet textures and finishes, in sensual undulations that soothe the eye and phosphorescent glints that catch it.

That’s right the fashion rage is called Abyss and it has already hit the runway. Calvin Klein released the Urban Mermaid collection this spring.  No I didn’t make this up.  So how can you make sure you doing it right?

  • With your makeup, “Don’t be afraid of colour”
  • “Keep blues translucent and focus on one element,” remember “The key to applying the intense colours of Abyss without looking garish is to go for translucency.”
  • Minimal black that is blended and refined
  • Let the shine sell the make-up
  • For hair, “looser, more casual looks with a light touch” and try a look such as “Fresh Hair, Deep Texture and Tumbling Cascades.”

Of course all of this is old news for us here, we been doing this for years.  DSN fashionable before it was fashionable.

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  1. Well, Kevin has “tumbling cascades” of hair – on his face. You and Peter will just have to work on keeping your blues translucent.

  2. Great fashion coverage, but you skipped the really important part…how does it relate to SHOES? ;)

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