In Which the Universe Overheats From a Supernova of Awesomeness

Yes, this will be liveblogged as soon as it comes out in video. There is nothing wrong with a B-movie that knows it’s a B-movie. More importantly, there could possibly be nothing horrible about a movie with a GIANT OCTOPUS in it. It’s a known fact. (I am ignoring the fact that Lorenzo Lamas is a main character.)

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  1. I am going to mark the release date in my diary.

    Note which animal is listed first in the IMDb keywords: Octopus | 3D | Shark | Giant Animal | Period In Title

  2. Thats it. There need to be a Octopus vs Shark party at my house! All DSN readers that can make it to Beaufort, NC are invited! I am so super serial.

  3. OMFG. Any chance that the airplane in the trailer is the same one from ‘Snakes on a Plane’? For the record, Lorenzo Lamas was the star of a show called ‘Renegade’ – the plot had something to do with him being shirtless a lot and riding motorcycles. In grad school, my girlfriends and I used to watch it with the sound off, b/c the dialog was too awful.

  4. I am quasi-seriously considered flying to North Carolina so that I can be part of this historic event.

  5. How can it possibly be cheaper to fly to Raleigh from California than it is to fly to Raleigh from South Carolina? I’m driving, but still, what the hell?

  6. Miriam,
    I got your ride so we better see you here! And to everyone else if you are in in a 2 state radius this is seriously on!

  7. Angelo, you need to sign in with a wordpress account or email address that is linked to your wordpress account (where you load up your picture)

    Angelo It would be awesome if you visited! I have 2 extra beds for people that don’t mind 2 adorable toddlers screaming and running around at 7am. I think we might need to turn it into an Ocean Bloggers unconference!

    Friday May 29th would be best. The release is May 19th. People have enjoyed camping out in my humongous backyard too.

    Btw, the Kenney’s live by me, whom you should probably know. :)

  8. Alas, can’t do the 29th as I shall be gallivanting through the eastern Sierras pretending to be a geologist. It grieves me that there is unlikely to be a weekend that I CAN make – cruise planning is HARD. Shall have to take NC visit raincheck, though I love the idea of an Ocean Bloggers unconference. When is the good time to go dive some wrecks?

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