Keyword Fun!

Sifting through the keyword analysis, showing what people entered in their search engine to find our website is always lots of fun. I thought I would share with you, our faithful readers, a bit Keyword verse. Keywords are in bold and remain uneditted.

Dave Hipple scuba diver

wanted some deep sea wallpaper


and deep sea relative roly poly

warned him of Tongan weather disasters

Perhaps an “ariel” picture of the inauguration

Will shed light on manta rays communication

or the shark attack deep sea adventures

Flesh eating sponge? or japan sex sperm?

someone wants to know are echinoderms good for anything

Or, Is a sea turtle an invertebrate

Does it have a sea penis and use it?

a current event on the ph scale

This is all fine and dandy but well,

can you names of states you can go diving in if you become a Marine Biologist

What are the 7 dwarfs in cnidaria

are they pirates deep in indian ocean

who take sperm video of a dagger penis

or ponder what makes whales die

and how long would a beard grow from birth

LOL, what are people doing online!? I hope you all stayed and enjoyed the site though!

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  1. ha … those are good ones … I can see a couple of 12-year olds having an argument about whether or not turtles are vertebrates or not

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