MY NEW GEETAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered this bad boy with my Obama first-time homebuyers stimulus! Thanks Obama! Like any good american I put my money right back into the economy, specifically Musician’s Friend (and the credit union that holds the car I paid off, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Ace Hardware, 2 credit cards, etc. etc. etc. etc.). This is the first new git I have bought since I was a teenie bopper playing Black Flag and The Dead Kennedys (my cover of Kill the Poor on my old guitar).

This is a beautiful instrument, the Epiphone Riviera, and it means a lot to me. I swore off seriously playing music after working in the music industry for a while. I got very disillusioned at a very young age and barely played for about 5 years. I got into it again as a joke more or less to make geeky little invertebrate songs over at The Other 95%, as well as on here. Now I’m back in a cover band with a bunch a great guys and great musicians playing some ole fashioned rock n roll. Not necessarily my style per se, but its lots of fun to play with others, which has really brought out my abilities. It’s fun to play now that I’m not trying to make a living at it anymore.

I’ll try to record something soon and post it. I’m so stoked. Now I can make even more deep sea ditties and spineless songs! It will also help me complete my latest project – Folk the Authority: A Tribute to the Era of Punk – where I folkify the classics from Circle jerks, Dead Kennedys, M.O.D., Misfits, and more! (I am taking suggestions for covers by the way.) Here are some pictures my lovely wife snapped of me and my new git!

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  1. I am so jealous! I wish I had extra money to spend on pretty guitars… but, then again, I am moving to Hawaii… I guess I can’t complain ;)

  2. Kevin – all you need now is a jug, a 12 gauge and a hound dawg…;-) LOL

  3. Nice axe…

    If you’re folkifying punk, aren’t you, uh, kind of doing things the wrong way around? (Caveat: I am the kind of person who thinks that you can’t ruin a song by playing it faster and louder! On the other hand, I did arrange a disco version of “Let’s Lynch the Landlord,” so…)

  4. To quote a Beat Farmers song, Where Do They Go, concerning the hard rocking youth of the late 80s that eventually had to grow up.

    “But when they go and they start to grow old
    They go home to bed every night
    ‘Cause when they start workin’ they get tired and slow
    Get married and start a new life”

    Folk and bluegrass is an inevitable outcome of punk rockers growing older and slower. Of course, not the mainstream variety ;)

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