TGIF: Sara Campbell world record free diver

Sara Campbell dives to 96m to set the new world record.
Sara Campbell, image from Underwater Channel
Sara Campbell, image from Underwater Channel

British freediver Sara Campbell, 37, set a new World Record in womens freediving April 4th, 2009. She dove to 96 m with constant weight on just one breath in the Vertical Blue 09 competition in Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island in the Bahama. Due to pressure, her lungs would have been reduced to less than 1/4 their surface volume. The dive took her 3 minutes and 34 seconds. X-Ray Magazine says “she was light-headed on the surface, but successfully completed the protocol.”

A world record 96 m depth for 3 minute 34 second duration, formidable for a human. I couldn’t do that with a scuba tank. Yet, one cannot help but wonder how this accomplishment would compare to the feats of … Iron Turtle!!!

Stay tuned to Deep Sea News for the announcement of the World Champion leatherback turtle from Great Turtle Race 2009.

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  1. Erm at 96 feet her lungs would be about 1/4 their surface volume.
    96 METERS is 10.6 atmospheres, making her lungs less than 10% surface volume. Cheers.

  2. Well done babe….congratulations, you are an underwater star fish!!
    Next you will dominate da dolphins!!

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