5 Questions With Me

The Duke Research site this month features my answers to five questions about ocean biodiversity, body size variation, blue whales, municipal water supplies, giant squids, cell membranes, giant isopods, islands, Victorian science, and of course the deep sea.  Yeah I cover a lot.

6 Replies to “5 Questions With Me”

  1. “[Y]ou seem to be obsessed with size.” totally cracked me up. Was the interviewer a tiny person who got neck cramps talking to you? Awesome interview!

  2. So do you choose which ones to go to or are you chosen? Just curious. Was never able to locate the Cosmos issue.

  3. I pick and choose from extended invitations. It appears Cosmos has limited circulation in the US. But hey I am big in Australia! Easier to get would be the Science Illustrated this month pretty much available at any large bookstore. I even saw it at the Seattle airport a few weeks ago.

  4. So, have you ever been to Australia? I will be looking for the Science Illustrated, thanks.

  5. Pertaining to the “larger heart” issue, are there any creatures that supplement or supplant a single heart with an actively contracting vasculature, say by having some smooth muscle adapted to pump blood?

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