Finding Coral Expedition Underway

Canada’s Living Oceans Society (LOS) is helping to usher in a new era in “pro-active ocean exploration”, wherein a marine non-governmental organization (MaNGO) can mount an deep ocean expedition nearly as easily as the federal government. Make no mistake, this is important. It’s a sea-change in the way exploration is done. Here, the goal is marine conservation. The idea is that you document the ocean’s beauty before its gone.

The Finding Coral Expedition, now underway, circumvents the need to petition a legislature to fund and agency to produce an RFP for exploration by taking their case straight to their constituency. They formed their coalition, trained them as submarine pilots, and launched an expedition to get the evidence they need to manage their natural resources with due regard to the impacts of destructive fishing. This is the second such expedition in three years. Greenpeace launched theirs two years ago. Who’s next?