Marine Music Greatest Hits

On the vast expanse that is the wondrous internet, I occasionally come across something that actually enriches my life…occasionally. Luckily, Matt posted a comment here today and out of curiosity I was like “Wuz up with this url?” Well wuz up is one of the coolest sites on the big bad web for anyone with an inordinate fondness of all things salty.  And well let’s face it, you do cause your reading DSN.  Matt is working his way through 500+ marine theme songs.  You can head over there and listen to them posted regularly.

I originally was going make a series of marine related playlists and post them on my other tumblr, but I decided it would be a cool project to just make a new tumblr out of it. I was originally doing this because I got a degree in marine biology and I’m stuck working on a river in the north valley about 3 hours from the coast, so I’ve been longing the sea and the brine.  I already made a marine playlist that covers most of my favorite marine songs, so I’m going to try to go through that one first and then maybe do themes like a week of songs about sharks, ships, band names, etc. I’ll try to do some other stuff if I think of something.

We here at DSN applaud Matt, aka Rustbeard, and raise a pint to ya.

Because of this song reminds me of my graduate school days in the bean town (hat tip to Matt)

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  1. Thanks so much for the great link, I love DSN for a while now and once I get back to the states with constant internet connection I will hopefully be posting more but I might be living in my car. Woooo! BS in marine biology,

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